Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Prayer in Time of Transition

we pray for times of transition -- 
new homes, new rhythms of life, new emptiness. 
It's hard. 
Many times it's overwhelming. 
We need your help, your strength, your comfort.
We pray for extra measures of grace for ourselves and others. 
Give us extra compassion. 
We pray for your peace, your shalom, your well-being. 
Hold us close, and help us let the tears fall.
Remind us that it is exactly for these difficult times 
that you came to be with us in Jesus Christ.
Make your comforting Spirit 
a real felt presence for each of us.
Through Christ our Lord.

My parents recently moved from one community to another, from their home of 23 years to an Assisted Living Community. Also, during December, I am mindful of all who have lost loved ones and the grieving that is felt, especially during holidays.