Saturday, February 6, 2021

Feeling Whole

this week many have asked me how I am doing...
my best answer, my most honest answer has been:
Today I almost feel whole.

Then I began to wonder...
what does it mean to feel whole?
At first, I thought it meant healed.
Then perhaps, it means complete.
The more I reflect on "whole"
its meaning includes complete healing, perhaps,
but it also includes the fullness of life.

The fullness of life for each of us is different I am sure.

what does it mean for me to be whole, 
to be in the fullness of life?

For me, 
being whole includes enjoying creation: 
being outside among the birds and beasts, 
flowers and trees, 
rocks and creeks.
Being whole includes being healthy:
eating good and good for me foods,
exercising and getting stronger.
Being whole includes creating:
writing poetry, writing prayers, 
making music, making art.
Being whole includes loving:
my wife, my son, 
my parents, my brother, my family.
Being whole includes being with others:
friends, colleagues, 
at conferences, on retreats, in phone calls.
Being whole includes: 
laughing, dancing, praying, believing, resting.

Being whole means 
celebrating the gift that I am and the gift of others.
Being whole means 
the light of Christ shining in me 
honoring the light of Christ shining through others.

I almost feel whole.
In you, O Lord, 
I am whole.
Today I choose
"wholly" living!

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

A Prayer for Healing

O God,
we pray for healing, for health, and for whole-ness
for each and for all.
We pray for those in the throes of illness.
We pray for those recovering from surgery.
We pray for those awaiting surgery, test results, and treatment.
O Healing One,
we ask for effective treatment, wise decision making, and fullness of recovery.
Use doctors, nurses, therapists, family members, 
medicines, vaccines, and rest 
to do your healing work.
In the strong name of Jesus Christ,
we pray.