Saturday, February 6, 2021

Feeling Whole

this week many have asked me how I am doing...
my best answer, my most honest answer has been:
Today I almost feel whole.

Then I began to wonder...
what does it mean to feel whole?
At first, I thought it meant healed.
Then perhaps, it means complete.
The more I reflect on "whole"
its meaning includes complete healing, perhaps,
but it also includes the fullness of life.

The fullness of life for each of us is different I am sure.

what does it mean for me to be whole, 
to be in the fullness of life?

For me, 
being whole includes enjoying creation: 
being outside among the birds and beasts, 
flowers and trees, 
rocks and creeks.
Being whole includes being healthy:
eating good and good for me foods,
exercising and getting stronger.
Being whole includes creating:
writing poetry, writing prayers, 
making music, making art.
Being whole includes loving:
my wife, my son, 
my parents, my brother, my family.
Being whole includes being with others:
friends, colleagues, 
at conferences, on retreats, in phone calls.
Being whole includes: 
laughing, dancing, praying, believing, resting.

Being whole means 
celebrating the gift that I am and the gift of others.
Being whole means 
the light of Christ shining in me 
honoring the light of Christ shining through others.

I almost feel whole.
In you, O Lord, 
I am whole.
Today I choose
"wholly" living!

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