Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pray for pastor...

Loving God,
we name you with terms like
King of Kings,
Lord of Lords,
Alpha & Omega,
the Lion of Judah,
the Good Shepherd.

Today I am mindful that you are also
Pastor of pastors.

Today I hold in prayer pastors
who often feel lonely
who have precious few friends they really can talk with
whose lives are watched by all
who too often care for others
at the expense of their own lives, their own marriage, their own children
who are sometimes to scared to be bold
who serve often at some distance from relatives
or whose call is judged as somehow less if they return close to those relatives
who carry the burdens of others
but are too tired, too busy, too proud to seek out help themselves.

Today I hold in prayer pastors
who have heard your calling
and know their are doing what you God want them to do
who love sharing your love with others daily
who feel useful standing beside the dying, the grieving, the crying
who have an extra measure of grace that they share gladly.

Today I hold in prayer pastors
because they matter,
they make a difference
by your power they remind us
that you are at work redeeming the mess in our lives.

So too, Lord, be at work in their lives
in real and tangible ways
redeeming pastors,
healing pastors,
loving pastors,
feeding pastors,
encouraging pastors.
We need them.
Our world needs them.
You choose them.
Help us pray for them.

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