Monday, November 17, 2014

Lord, thank you for ministries of this church

thank you for ministries of this church.

Thank you for LOGOS 
and the way that it brings our children closer 
to the leaders of the church.

Thank you for the music ministry 
and those that contribute their time and talents.

Thank you for Joe Melvin and the other Sunday school teachers 
that engage us in discussion of God’s Word. 

And thank you for our pastor, Chris Denny 
and the positive influence he brings to our church family.
Thank you for his many gifts 
and the purpose for which he uses them. 

Thank you for all of these things 
and help us to be better stewards 
of the gifts you have bestowed upon us.

written by Paul Evans
Ruling Elder
Elizabethtown Presbyterian Church

Dedication Sunday at Elizabethtown Presbyterian Church
will be Sunday, November 23 during 11am worship.
Pray about how God is calling you to commit
your time, talent, and money to serve Christ through the church.

The above prayer is from 
a series of prayers of thanksgiving
written to celebrate the 180 years 
of ministry of Elizabethtown Presbyterian Church.
These prayers are being used
as part of this year's stewardship materials.

What would prayer of thanksgiving to God
would you write about your church?

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