Monday, March 2, 2015

Surprised by Grief

The news came today.
I didn't know she was sick,
And now she's gone--she died.
I've heard all the usual things like:
At least she's not suffering...
She's in a better place...

But none of that quiets my broken heart.

What about her two beautiful girls?
She was such a powerful role model for them-
a wonderful mother, a wonderful wife, a gifted woman,  a smart business woman.

And what of her son?
Who will remind him of what to look for in a spouse?
Who will be proud as only a mother can?

What about her husband?
I saw the way he looked at her,
Pinching himself that she said yes.
Thanking God for the gift she was to him each day,
A daily demonstration of God’s grace.

You understand our grief.
Let us lament.
Join in our song of tears.
Weep with us, Lord.
With your arms around our shoulders shaking with sobs,
Hold us close to your heart.

And only then remind us of your covenant love to the living and the dead.
Only in Easter hope do we dare to find comfort.
The Lord is risen!
The first among the dead.
Broken with grief we still put our trust in you.

A prayer written by Chris Denny upon the news of the death of Chris DeSantis, mother and wife and member of First Presbyterian Church of Myrtle Beach, SC.

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