Monday, August 3, 2015

Share 2 Things

Today try this:

Take some time, 
sit together with God 
without ANY distractions.

Share two things from your day. 
Tell God what happened.
AND tell how you felt 
or what you thought about the situation.

Then let God have a turn.
Simply to listen.
Hear what happened in the life of God today.
Hear how God felt and what God thought.
Don't try to fix it.
Don't give advice.
Listen and take it in.

By the way,
this same process works well for deepening any relationship.
Share two things that happened today.
How you felt, what you thought about the situation.
The other person listens, trying to take it in and understand.
Don't fix it, don't give advice, just listen.

Then switch roles.

Try it today.

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