Saturday, January 23, 2016

Worship Matters

So I watched this video today:

"What we design, 
designs us back."
The host, Jason Silva, says, "When you design the without, you design the within."  He is talking about architecture, and the ways a space's design shapes and influences us, our mood, our feeling, our experiences...

The same is true about worship.  What we worship, the ways we worship, the spaces we form, in which to worship, the actions and words and silences, the leaders and voices and voids -- all of it shapes and influences us, forms and molds our faith and our experiences of God.

So it matters.
It all matters:
the colors, the hymns, the fabrics, 
the silences, the voices heard, the voices kept silent, 
the choice of words and prayers,
the scriptures, the actions, the movements,
and their juxtaposition to one another.
It all shapes us as we worship, 
week in and week out, 
season after season, 
Christmas after Easter, 
Lent after Advent.

It's worth considering.
It's worth our time.
It's worth lingering over.
It's worth our BEST energy, intelligence, imagination, and passionate love.

Worship matters.
Worship forms our faith.
Worship shapes our lives.
Lex orandi - Lex credendi - Lex vivendi

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