Friday, April 8, 2016

Prom night prayer

It's High School Prom season in my community.

Today, Lord,
I pray all youth this prom season. 
Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate beauty, to laugh and dance, to make memories. As we dress in our finest, let us also act the part of ladies and gentlemen. 
Keep all involved safe. Help us make wise choices, standing up to temptation with your power, living out our faith, and building good clean fun.
Watch over all those who are not going to prom either by personal choice, parent's choice, or not being invited - no matter what the reason. 
Give all a fun evening that no matter what we decide to do tonight, we may look back on this night with healthy good memories.

I remember Prom well and the choices that I faced. Perhaps my favorite memory is that my senior year prom date was a German exchange student. She wore a beautiful scarlet dress. What I remember most is that she was baptized the next day at the Episcopal church!

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