Monday, October 24, 2016

New Beginnings

I have just begun
something new with your leading.

Your voice had been clear before
through the voices of colleagues,
the voices of the Nominating Committee,
the collective voice of the members
of Westminster Presbyterian Church,
and the voice of the members of Trinity Presbytery.

But on my first Sunday preaching
your voice was LOUD and CLEAR...
Lord, during worship I heard you say,
"You are where I want you to be!"

Thank you, Lord, for bringing me here.
I miss my friends in North Carolina,
especially as they recover from the flood waters.
And yet, as I watch the ways
you are bringing them together
to be bold witnesses of your love,
again your voice is LOUD and CLEAR...
Lord, you say, "These are MY people.
I will continue to use them for my glory."

I am glad you saw fit for me to be with them for a time.
Now guide me as I lead another congregation
seeking to know you and follow you wherever you lead!

Sunday, October 23 was my first Sunday preaching as pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina.

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