Monday, January 9, 2017

Remember your baptism: Thaw my frozen heart

thaw my frozen heart.
Over time I have grown cold
to the world,
to the needs of others,
to the pain of others.
Thaw my frozen heart
into flowing waters of compassion.

Some days I am frozen
in inaction;
frozen in not knowing
what is best,
what is your will,
what I should do.
Thaw my frozen will
into living springs of obedience.

Some days I am frozen
in fear,
in worry,
in doubt.
-my fears into flood waters of courage,
-my worries into rivers of trust,
-my doubts into flowing faith...

I pray:
thaw my frozen heart.

The above prayer inspired by the frozen font in the gardens at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC, pictured below.

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