Monday, June 19, 2017

Grieving the Death of a Son

The below prayer is shared from: 

Divine Darkness, 
when the night of grief 
swallows our feeble light, 
help us to feel you 
lovingly wrap us in that very darkness.

Hidden God, 
we are angry. 
Where are you? 
Show yourself. 
Explain yourself. 
Feel the heat of our frustration and fear 
we share only with you.

Burden-lifting God, 
our grief weighs us down. 
It feels as if our backs will break 
along with our hearts. 
We are smothered by the weight. 
When it feels as if we can bear no more, 
Loving Shepherd, bear us forward.

O, Answer to all Mysteries, 
we have unanswerable questions. 
We struggle with 
"If only ..." and 
"What if?" and 
Give us grace to live the questions 
in the confidence that we don't have to have all the answers.

Our Beginning and Our End, 
you have taught us about life; 
now teach us about death. 

Comforting Mother, 
let us lay our wearied selves next to you, 
to sense your breath, 
to feel your warmth, 
to hear you tenderly call our name.


Westminster Presbyterian Church is grieving the death of the beloved college-aged son of one of our families. Pray with us. Grieve with us. Hold onto God's love with us.

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