Thursday, September 7, 2017

Lord, Send the Storm Away...

Lord Jesus,
you have calmed storms before
when you disciples cried out to you.
To the winds and the waves you said,
"Peace! Be Still!"
Your disciples are crying out now!

Lord Jesus,
you came to your disciples;
you walked to them on the waters
when the winds were strong and the seas were rough.
They were scared, but you were with them,
a source of strength and calm in the storm.
The winds are strong and the seas are rough now!

Lord Jesus,
I pray for those
who have endured
and are enduring the destructive power of the storms.

Lord Jesus,
forgive me for not praying harder sooner.
I admit my prayers are selfish
now that the storm will affect my home.
Lord, please don't hold that against me,
but rather transform my selfish concern
into compassion for others,
especially the vulnerable.

Lord Jesus,
I join you in rebuking the storm:
"Peace! Be still!"

Lord, calm the raging storm,
and give me the courage and resources
to help others find safety.
May I be a source of calm
in the midst of the storm.

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