Thursday, December 13, 2018

One life's impact

Lord  Jesus,
this year I have been reflecting
on the impact one life can make.

I'm mindful of your life
and how the world has changed
because of your coming.
The poem, One Solitary Life by James Allan Francis,
says it so well.

But this year 
I have been thinking 
about another life -- my life.

Lord Jesus,
I certainly don't even begin to think 
I'll have the same 
world-changing impact that you have had.

But I wonder:
In what way has my life today
made a positive difference in the life of another?
One life touching one life for Your sake.

That's my prayer this Christmas.
As I seek to follow the Christ of Christmas,
may my life today 
make a positive difference 
in one other life.

May it be so 
by your grace today.

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