Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Thank you, God, for birthdays.

It's my birthday!
Some people don't like their birthdays.
They stop counting them;
they'd rather not be reminded of how old they are.
For some it's just another day.

I like my birthday.
I like the singing (even when it's out of tune!).
I like the cake, prune cake's my favorite!
I like the text messages and Facebook posts.

For me,
my birthday is a time
to look back
to hear the story of my birth one more time,
a story of wonder, laughter, and joy,
to think about the all the different things I have done
and opportunities I've had.

A day to reflect on your hard at work in my life.
Perhaps we should do that everyday.
But there are some milestone days
that seem set aside for reflection.
My birthday is one of those days.

So today,
I will reflect.
I will remember.
I will wonder at the things you
have been doing in and through my life.
And I will wonder more
about the things yet to be revealed.

Thank you, God,
for my birthday!

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