Thursday, September 10, 2020

I am sorry.

Loving Father,
all the fancy words
in the world,
expressed in eloquent prose,
decorated with emotion,
spoken with conviction,
cannot compete with a heartfelt
'I am sorry.'
when all other words fail.

There are times
when we are all too aware
of our limitations,
conscious of sin
and the distance it creates between us.
Sometimes 'sorry'
is all the heart can bear to say aloud.

It is only you
who can read and understand
the language of our hearts.
Only you who can translate our 'sorry'
into the prayer we would have prayed
if we had the words within us.

Then you forgive,
and having forgiven,
surround us in an embrace of love,
drawing us close to your heart
as it was always meant to be.

Thank you, Loving Father,
that you listen to hearts
as well as voices.
Thank you.

The above prayer adapted and shared from:

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