Thursday, April 29, 2021

Your prayers matter!

"Pray without ceasing"
I Corinthians 5:17

I received an email 
from a member of my church recently.
Her husband's health is in decline;
COVID-19 and health concerns have kept them home-bound these days.
In her email she remembered ways she had served you through the church in the past,
then she wrote, "I cannot do much, but pray now."
Yes, she can PRAY!
And her prayers matter.

I was reminded of another conversation from 25 years ago.
A woman I met in church when I was in college.
I do not remember her name.
But what she told me has always stuck with me. 
She said, 
"I may not be able to do much, 
but I can pray. 
I pray for my church, my family, the world, 
and many other things every day. 
I do my best work on my knees in prayer." 
She was a prayer warrior.

there are many who feel like they can't do much now.
But they can pray!
Those prayers matter.

I call on all those who feel like they can't do much now.
I call on them to claim the role of prayer warrior.
Pray through the prayer list from church. 
Pray through your family by name. 
Pray through the church directory (new or old). 
Pray through the headlines of the newspaper.
Pray for each household in the neighborhood.
for you, O Lord, are doing great things through those prayers!


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