Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Prayer in times of uncertainty

chaos and uncertainty
have always been part of family life.
Working together, parents and children
have always found ways to manage the chaos and live into uncertainty 
because of some steady rhythms of school, childcare, and work.
But even those seem to be eroding these days.

In our parenting,
help us remind our children
of our steady love and committed presence.
In our marriages,
help us remind each other
of our trust and loyalty when all else seems shaky.

And Lord,
reminded us of your steady presence and committed love,
for you are the solid rock,
the foundation that does not move or shake.
Though our worlds may crumble
and tumble into the sea,
you are the steady ground
on which our lives depend.

In this time of chaos and uncertainty,
Lord, teach us new rhythms 
of grace and patience,
of flexibility and hope,
of prayer and interdependence,
of honoring You in the ways we honor one another.

May it be so today
in my life
and in the life of the world.

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