Monday, May 9, 2022

5 Simple Actions... some might help when you are anxious

there is a lot in the world
that bring anxiety and 
feelings of being overwhelmed.

A Methodist pastor friend of mine
shared the below video:

I especially liked the line...
"There's no shame in struggling, only reasons for reaching out."

when I feel anxiety, overwhelm, fear...
remind me that those are my body, heart & soul's way
of letting me know I need to reach out
to you, or 
to a friend, counselor, pastor...

Help me call on & speak with
a friend, a counselor, & you, my Lord.
Help me breathe deep, 
reconnecting with my breath & body, 
reconnecting with your presence in and around me in love
reconnecting with creation and creativity 
all gifts from you.

Give me the strength to act and 
ask for the help I need.
For I am not alone,
you are with me
and the people of God, the Body of Christ are too.

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