Tuesday, November 15, 2022

A Psalm of Praise from A-Z by Rev Dr Chris Denny

 A Psalm of Praise from A-Z by Rev Dr Chris Denny

from a sermon preached on November 13, 2022

Psalm 145 is an acrostic poem… 

I wonder what might it be like if I wrote a psalm of praise from A-Z.

  1. is for All of us together with one voice, praise the Lord.

  2. is for the blessings God rains down on us, praise the Lord.

  3. is for Celebrating the Goodness of our God, Praise the Lord.

  4. is for Declaring the mercy of the Lord, praise the Lord.

  5. is for Every day God gives us, praise the Lord.

  6. is for the Faith we have in Jesus Christ, praise the Lord.

  7. Is for God’s Goodness, Yes, God is so good to me, praise the Lord.

  8. Is for how Holy is God’s name. praise the Lord

  9. Is for Infinity, which is not big enough to contain God. praise the Lord

  10. Is for Justice, which God calls for in the world. praise the Lord

  11. Is for Kindness and compassion the hallmarks of God’s kingdom. praise the Lord

  12. Is for Love, the love God gives, and the love that God commands. praise the Lord

  13. Is for the Mercy flows from God’s holy throne. praise the Lord

  14. Is for the never-ending watch God keeps over us. praise the Lord

  15. Is for One day in God’s presence being far better than a 1,000 elsewhere. praise the Lord

  16. Is for Praising the Lord, let all the people, praise the Lord.

  17. Is for how Quickly we lift our voices to speak of God’s Amazing deeds. praise the Lord

  18. Is for Raising your hands with me in praise to our God. praise the Lord

  19. Is for singing about how great is God’s faithfulness. praise the Lord

  20. Is for Telling the Good News that God has given us in Jesus Christ. praise the Lord

  21. Is for the Unconditional love God has for all creation. praise the Lord

  22. Is for the Very truth of God’s kindness to us. praise the Lord

  23. Is for how worthy is the Lamb that was slain for us and for our salvation. praise the Lord

  24. Is for the Xylophones that join the band of praise to our God. praise the Lord

  25. Is for the years God has blessed us with. praise the Lord

  26. Is for Zachariah and Elizabeth who knew God’s blessings and praised the Lord and now so do I! praise the Lord.

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