Thursday, April 16, 2015

This I believe... God is the sound the waves crashing on the shore

Coming this Sunday, April 19, 2015
the confirmation students 
of Elizabethtown Presbyterian Church 
will declare their faith in Jesus Christ publically during worship, 
thus becoming members of Christ's church.

What follows is excerpted from a statement of faith 
written by one of the confirmation students.  

May we be inspired 
by their faith. 
This I believe...

Church, God and family
have always been a big part of my life.
They make me who I am. 

Without God,
there would be no church, 
and without church, 
family wouldn't be family. 
I don’t consider just my brother and mom 
and aunts and uncles and cousins my family, 
but the people in the church, they are my family also
because they have been there for me 
and watched me grow.

I believe God is
the sun that rises in the morning
and makes the birds chirp.
I believe God is 
the moon at night
that shines down
so you aren't afraid of the dark. 

I believe God is 
my Saviour and 
my best friend.

He guides me through the day and 
watches over me, 
He wakes me up every morning,
so I can go and 
serve him in everything I do. 

He is the creator of the universe and of me. 
God is beauty in the sunrise and sunset. 
He is the sound the waves make 
when they crash upon the shore. 

God made me who I am today; 
He has surrounded me 
with many wonderful people 
to guide me 
as I continue to grow in faith.

-- written by Blair Felder

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