Monday, April 13, 2015

This I believe... God is the "boss"

Coming this Sunday, April 19, 2015
the confirmation students 
of Elizabethtown Presbyterian Church 
will declare their faith in Jesus Christ publically during worship, 
thus becoming members of Christ's church.

What follows is excerpted from a statement of faith 
written by one of the confirmation students.  

May we be inspired 
by their faith. 
This I believe...

Faith in God is a huge deal for me.
God is my hope, and I trust the promise
that I will someday go to Heaven
and see God and Jesus
and all of the family and friends
that went before me.

I trust in the Holy Spirit
to be my guide -- the voice
that leads me in my faith.
I know that without
the guidance of the Holy Spirit,
I would be lost and
my life would be very different.

I believe God is like
the Alpha of a pack
a Lion in a jungle.
God is the "boss",
and he is a God that
nothing and no one
can over power.

It makes me feel
safe and peaceful
that I have God
watching over me
and that my whole life
is part of his plan.

-- written by Spencer Scott

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