Saturday, July 4, 2015

Gratitude for our nation

God of the nations,
Ruler of all lands,
Today I thank you for
the freedoms I enjoy as
a citizen of the United
 States of America.

I bow my head in gratitude for
the privilege of worshiping  you without fear,
the privilege of expressing my beliefs, opinions, disagreements, and worldview without fear,
the privilege of caring for my neighbors and living peaceably with people of wide diversity,
the privilege of responsibility to the least of these your brothers and sisters in this nation and beyond.
Let me never take for commonplace the gifts of this land, your land, a land to enjoy and share.

O Lord,
I am well aware that
We are far from a perfect nation.
We have abused our power.
We have ignored the oppressed.
We have stood silent.
We have looked out for our best interest without thought of our neighbors who share your planet earth.
I pray for your forgiveness.

Reform us into a more prefect union.
Use us as you will
May your kingdom come,
Your will be done
In earth and by us!
As it is in heaven.

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