Saturday, October 17, 2015

Thank you, Pastor.

This post may seem self serving, but I too need to say, "Thank you!"

thank you!
Thank you for the pastors in my life --
for Dr. Cliff McLeod who baptized me,
for Dr. Jeff Aiken whose voice boomed with passion for God,
for Rev. George Jacobs who showed the glory and struggles of ministry,
for Dr. Frank Colclough whose confidence in me as a teenager demonstrated the strength of our connectional church, 
for Dr. Ed McLeod who walked beside me as I answered your call to ministry,
for Dr. Ken Thomas who took me under his wing to mentor me in a small church,
for Dr. Richard Baxter who said "Amen" as I shared my story of calling at presbytery,
for Dr. Laura Mendenhall whose door was always open to her students,
for Dr. Bobby Wilkes who showed me what grace looks like in a pastor,
for Rev. Preston Sheally & Rev. Gary Lowe who listened over many miles in golf shoes,
for Dr. John Goodman who is a consistent listening ear,
for Rev. Evan Harrison who listens while we exercise together...

I had no idea the list of pastors 
in my life was so long.
I am certain I have left some out.
But for all of these and many more,
I say, "Thank you! Thank God for you!"

For those of us committed to being Disciples of Jesus Christ, Pastors are key people in our lives.  They pray with us and for us. Through their proclamation, they speak the forgiving good news of God's love in Jesus Christ to us. Through their failures, they remind us of our need to forgive. Through their strengths, they inspire us. Through their weaknesses, they show us where we need to step up and serve.

We look to pastors to provide leadership and guidance.These individuals deserve more than a 'thank you' every Sunday morning. For everything our pastors do, October has been designated Pastor Appreciation Month. This is a time for us in words and actions to express our gratitude and love for our pastors.

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