Monday, June 27, 2016

Thank God for VBS Helpers!

Dear Lord,
you know
how I am NOT a numbers guy.
I do not measure my success
by numbers.
Spiritual growth is hard to measure
with numbers.

BUT last week at Vacation Bible School
at first the leadership felt disappointed.
It did not seem
we had a very good turn out.
Then we counted.

We counted the adults
who invested their time, energy, resources, and money
to help in big and small ways
-- painting, acting out Bible stories,
singing, crafts, science, building sets,
food, serving, teaching, helping...
Over 40 different adults!

We counted the youth (middle school & high school)
who accompanied the children from class to class,
who painted and played, who acted out Bible stories, who took pictures...
Over 15 different youth.

We counted the children
who learned, laughed, loved,
grew in faith, sang, danced,
experienced God's love...
Over 35 different children.

Wow! Lord,
children, youth, adults (of ALL ages)
sharing your love,
sharing stories of your love,
delighting in being together,
helping, laughing, caring, praying,
singing, praising YOU.

As I help
take down decorations today,
I pray,
"Thank You, God, for VBS!
Now we're tired; please give us some rest.

For children, youth and adults of all ages,
sharing your love at our different stages.

All praise to you, O God above.
We are grateful for your great love!"

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