Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Prayer for Election Day

A prayer for Election Day
written by Jill Duffield

Almighty God, 
as people go to the polls this day 
we pray first and foremost for peace. 
May the sense of community and connection 
be greater than any division or difference,
 no matter how entrenched. 

Knowing we will vote 
in schools, churches, synagogues,
and other communal gathering places,
may our commitment to care 
for one another grow 
as we stand in lines,
talk to our neighbors and 
recognize we have 
more in common 
than we often realize. 
May we show one another 
kindness and respect, 
today and in the days to come.

We thank you for the freedom 
to vote our conscience, 
of which you alone are Lord. 

After this election, 
we are keenly aware that 
even if the political rhetoric fades 
the acrimony it highlighted will remain.
Grant us the courage to step 
into the breaches and 
not shrink back into our enclaves of homogeneity. 

Send your Spirit to drive us 
to the places where you 
are already working to bring reconciliation.
Remind us relentlessly 
that you are greater than 
every category we devise, 
more powerful than 
any estrangement we have created, 
eternal, ever present and always calling forth 
justice, peace and abundant life. 

Show us today and everyday 
how to live in the love of Jesus Christ,
the perfect love
that casts out fear.


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