Thursday, March 23, 2017

Journey to Jerusalem: It's you I'm living for

Journey to Jerusalem: IN BODY & SOUL

The Journey to Jerusalem is life's journey, the path of discipleship, the way of Jesus. Just like Jesus along the way, we meet both tragedy and trial, joy, and celebration.  The path is to both the Cross and Empty Tomb.  Both are critical to our Lent and Easter faith -- in living and in dying, we belong to God.

 I heard the song linked below recently.

There is something about it 
that keeps drawing me back 
-- the simplicity, the longing, 
the intimacy, the faith expressed.

Here are the lyrics to the refrain:
"Some will try to chase the world;
Some will find but loose it all.
But I will lose my life to find
to sweet Jesus I belong.
Sweet Jesus, I adore.
It's you I'm living for."

Sweet Jesus,
our Christian faith --
our Lent and Easter faith--
holds on to with tenacity:
in living and in dying, 
we belong to our faithful savior 

Sweet Jesus,
You are the God who is with us, 
the God who suffers for us, 
the One who dies for our salvation, 
and the One who RISES to redeem our worst. 
That's why this Christian Easter faith 
is so powerful and so important!!

In the face of tragedy,
and in the face of good news,
in the face of new birth,
and in the face of suffering death,
to YOU, Sweet Jesus,
to you along do I belong.
You, Sweet Jesus, 
are the one I adore.
It's You, I'm living for.


During Lent at Westminster Presbyterian Church, we are committing to journey the 6,284 miles
from Columbia, South Carolina to Jerusalem, Israel in our walking, running, swimming, cycling, etc. Track your miles and submit them: LET'S GO!!

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