Friday, April 14, 2017

Journey to Jerusalem: The Suffering of Friday

Journey to Jerusalem: IN BODY & SOUL

Good Friday is the day of Jesus' suffering.

the words of this hymn
express my thoughts today:

Ah, holy Jesus, how have you offended,
that mortal judgment has on you descended?
By foes derided, by your own rejected,
O most afflicted!
Who was the guilty? Who brought this upon you?
It is my treason, Lord, that has undone you.
'Twas I, Lord Jesus, I it was denied you;
I crucified you.

For me, dear Jesus, was your incarnation,
your mortal sorrow, and your life's oblation;
your death of anguish and your bitter passion,
for my salvation.

Therefore, dear Jesus, since I cannot pay you,
I do adore you and will ever pray you,
think on your pity and your love unswerving,
not my deserving.

Hymn text:
Johann Heermann (1585-1647);
trans. Robert Seymour Bridges (1844-1930)

During Lent at Westminster Presbyterian Church, we have journeyed well over 7,000 miles together! Thank you for joining us on the Journey to Jerusalem!

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