Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Journey to Jerusalem: IN BODY & SOUL

Journey to Jerusalem: IN BODY & SOUL

Again this year I invite you to join on the Journey to Jerusalem.

Add a physical journey to our spiritual Journey of Lent...

  • a journey that starts with the Ashes of Wednesday,
  • a journey that wanders through the 40 wilderness days of Lent,
  • a journey that includes betrayal, denial, and suffering,
  • a journey that rises to a climax at cruel Cross,
  • a journey that grieves the Silence of Saturday, &
  • a journey that erupts in HALLELUIA on Easter Sunday.

There are 6,284 miles from Columbia, South Carolina to Jerusalem, Israel.

The Journey begins on Ash Wednesday, February 14 at 7pm
Track the miles you walk, run, cycle, swim, etc.

In worship at Westminster,
here on my blog almostdailyprayers.com, and
in our daily activity,
together we will make the Journey to Jerusalem,
a journey that leads to the cross and the empty tomb of Jesus Christ.

Our Lenten journey begins today on Ash Wednesday.  During Lent and especially during Holy Week, Christians have made pilgrimage to Jerusalem one of our spiritual disciplines.  When traveling to Israel became less possible because of cost and distance, pilgrimage became more of a spiritual act and less a physical act.

This year I am challenging you to make the pilgrimage physical again.  At Westminster Presbyterian Church, we are committing to journey the 6,284 miles from Columbia, SC to Jerusalem, Israel in our walking, running, swimming, cycling, etc.

You are invited to track and send your miles to our church office, we will post those miles online and on banners in the sanctuary and in our fellowship building.  Together we will make our journey to Jerusalem!

I challenge you:

  1. How many miles is it from your community to Jerusalem?
  2. Invite others to make the journey with you.
  3. And pray together along the way.
  4. Warning: the journey will be painful; there will be suffering; we will witness betrayal, denial, and death.  And yet, resurrection awaits us!
  5. See you in Jerusalem at the empty tomb on Easter morning!

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