Thursday, March 22, 2018

Journey to Jerusalem: Scattered

Journey to Jerusalem: Scattered

Acts 8:1,4

That day a severe persecution began against the church in Jerusalem, and all except the apostles were scattered throughout the countryside of Judea and Samaria.... Now those who were scattered went from place to place, proclaiming the word.

gathering and scattering
is the weekly rhythm of worship.
Gathered by the power of your Holy Spirit
the community comes together
to worship you in spirit and truth
Then your same Spirit scatters us--
sending us forth into witness and mission
driving us into the wilderness
scattering us to be the leaven of your grace
in the dough of the world.

Gathering and scattering
is the rhythm of worship;
it's the rhythm of life.

you know that
left to my human tendency
I love comfort, familiarity,
status quo,
the way we've always done it...
So like a mother eagle,
you push us out of the nest,
out of our comfort,
out of our security,
so that we will fly!

Today I found out that
two of my trusted colleagues
in ministry are moving.
For the past year,
answering your call has meant
gathering together regularly,
praying together,
sharing ideas together,
encouraging one another...
But now in the wisdom of your Spirit
you are scattering us...
one to California,
one to Tampa, Florida,
others to remind here.

On the Journey to Jerusalem, Lord,
we meet other disciples on the way.
Gathered in their company
we learn and grow and
seek to follow you more faithfully.
But when the time comes,
by the guidance of your Spirit,
we are scattered,
and in our going in different ways
you use us to proclaim your Word
from place to place.

So walk with us, Lord,
on our various paths
until the day we meet
at last at your Heavenly Banquet
Homecoming Feast!

Track and share your miles by clicking here.

At Westminster Presbyterian Church, we are committing to journey the 6,284 miles from Columbia, SC to Jerusalem, Israel in our walking, running, swimming, cycling, etc.

You are invited to track and send your miles to our church office, we will post those miles online and on banners in the sanctuary and in our fellowship building.  Together we will make our journey to Jerusalem!

I challenge you:

  1. How many miles is it from your community to Jerusalem?
  2. Invite others to make the journey with you.
  3. And pray together along the way.
  4. Warning: the journey will be painful; there will be suffering; we will witness betrayal, denial, and death.  And yet, resurrection awaits us!
  5. See you in Jerusalem at the empty tomb on Easter morning!

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