Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Lord Jesus,
Late April, early May
is a season of birthdays in my family:
my son, my mother,
my mother-in-law, a niece,
and one my grandmothers.
That's a lot of celebrations.
That's a lot of cake!!

Birthdays for me 
are a reminder of your gift of life.
Each year on my birthday
my parents retell the story of my being born.
And each year I look forward to hear it again,
my own nativity.
It's a story of wonder, laughter, and miracle.

I've continued the tradition with my son.
Year after year, I tell the story of his birth;
the story is filled with wonder, amazement,
fear and trembling, and miracle.

Lord Jesus,
soon it will be the church's birthday, Pentecost
-- the day you sent the Holy Spirit in power
and gave birth to the church.
Year after year, we tell the story again;
it's a story of wonder, amazement, laughter,
fear and trembling, and miracle.

We celebrate.
We sing.
We wear red to symbolize the Holy Spirit.
Sometimes, we even eat CAKE!!

Thank you, God, for life!
Thank you, God, for birthdays!

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