Sunday, November 18, 2018

Thank you God.

Sunday's sermon was a celebration of gratitude.
As I reflect over the past day,
I am grateful.
Grateful to you for so many things.

For family
- sometimes messy,
- sometimes hard
- always an opportunity to serve and live out grace and love.

For watching my son in awe
- as he reads and completes book after book for fun
- as he plays on the piano in front of church from memory what he has learned in just 2 months
- as he dances with unabashed joy at a recent wedding reception

For a dinner conversation with a long time member of my church
- for his honesty
- for his love for the church
- for his insights

For the people I have met this past year
- a homeless man now in jail, but pursuing recovery and praying for a new life
- a leader in my presbytery and her deep passion for the future of the church
- a mentor, wise caring, prayerful, listening, encouraging

Thank you for all the opportunities I have
- to pray with and for others
- to teach Christan faith
- to encourage others
- to embody your love
- to celebrate baptisms
- to offer to others the Body of Christ broken
- to accompany with singing the faithful who die in the Lord

Thank you, God, for your gifts of grace.
Thank you for claiming me as your own.
Thank you.
Thanks be to you.

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