Thursday, April 2, 2020

Prayer for Healthcare Workers

Prayer for Healthcare Workerswritten by Rev. Jill Duffield

you came to the world healing,
touching those considered 
dangerous, unsafe and unclean. 
You entered into suffering, 
never turning away 
from those in need of mercy.

We think of you, 
your compassion and kindness, 
your stalwart love and 
your selfless courage, 
because we see these traits 
in those on the front lines, 
combating this pandemic.

We see you in the bruised faces 
of nurses after hours and hours 
wearing facemasks and tending to the sick.

We see you in the pain of parents 
unable to hug their own children 
for fear of infecting them 
after working shift after shift 
with contagious patients.

We see you, tired, putting yourself at risk 
for the sake of strangers.

We see you in gloves and gowns, 
not knowing when this scourge will end, 
but bringing healing, comfort and hope 
despite your own fears and fatigue.

Lord God, 
bringer of wholeness, giver of peace, 
strengthen your servants 
who are putting themselves on the line, 
pouring themselves out, 
looking to the interests of others 
in order to heal the sick and tend to the suffering. 

Help them to know they are seen and valued, 
not only by you, but by all of us 
who are grateful for their sacrifices 
and awed by their tenacity, commitment, skill and care.

Grant them rest, 
give them fortitude, 
guide our collective will, 
shape all our actions, 
unite us in upholding one another 
in this extraordinary time 
and always. 

The above prayer was written by Rev. Jill Duffield. 

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