Thursday, March 26, 2020

Why Me?

Judges 6:13 
“If the Lord is with us, why then has all this happened to us?”

Dear Lord, 
In the midst of the coronovirus pandemic one might ask…
why is this happening? 

But the answer is as elusive as the problem of suffering…
we don’t know. 

But rather than focusing on fear and “why me”, 
maybe we should see this pandemic as a wake-up call…
not just for us, 
but for our country and 
indeed the entire world. 

Is this a time to ask 
the really important questions like: 
What is my purpose in life? 
What is the purpose of being a parent? 
What part does my faith play in my attitude towards my daily actions?

Can this pause of social distancing 
be an opportunity to write a personal letter of appreciation 
to a parent, a grandparent, a child or a sick friend? 

Could this be a time to deal with anger and 
do away with the “pernicious contempt for others” 
that divides people, political parties and countries?

Can this be a time of prayer, 
a time of forgiveness and 
a time of healing the very fabric of our society?

This is our prayer to You O Lord...
but what is OUR response? 


The above prayer was written by my father-in-law, Rev. Dr. Francis Burriss.
Dr. Burriss serves as the Chaplain of the Senate of South Carolina.
This prayer is shared with his permission and was prayed as the opening of regular session of the Senate on March 17, 2020.

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