Thursday, January 27, 2022

Death of Classmates

she is... I mean... was my age, 
a high school classmate, 
a band friend
and now she's dead.

He was in the Presbyterian Student Group in college with me.
He had a great voice, an infectious laugh.
While we were never close, 
I have followed his career becoming an actor.
I looked forward to his posts on Facebook.
Now his voice is silenced in death.

Today news of another classmate.
I am not ready to lose another one.
Mind you we were not good friends,
but I remember him.

Each classmate's death this week was sudden.
No warning.
Each reminds me just how fragile life is.
Each one, a mirror showing 
my own frailty, my mortality.

I pray for their families...
for parents, children, spouses, friends,
and classmates like me
Left with a void, a silence.
Give comfort; give peace.
Give strength for living in the shadow of death.

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