Monday, November 23, 2015


how fortunate we are
in the United States
to have a holiday
designated to say,
"Thank you!"

It is one of my favorite holidays,
not because of the food,
not because of the football,
not because of the black Friday sales...
I love Thanksgiving because I need to say,
"Thank you."

Thank you to my family for loving me.
Thank you to my friends who stand beside me.
Thank you to my church for challenging me to grow in faith.
Thank you to my mentors who show the way.
Thank you for all the goodness that is mine to share.

And THANK YOU to You, Lord,
for all...
all that I am,
all that I have,
all that I can do,
all that I enjoy,
all that I take for granted.
All is from you,
a gift to me.

So, Thank you.
With my words,
with my actions,
with how I use my abilities,
with how I use my resources,
with how I love,
with how I treat my neighbors,
with how I love my enemies,
with every breath and heart beat:
Thank you, God.

Not just on Thanksgiving Day,
but everyday you give me:

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