Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Prayer for Veteran's Day

today I lift up
to you
all those who have served
and continue to serve
the United States as soldiers.

Thank you for their commitment
to uphold the constitution of this great nation
and to defend us from every enemy.

Thank you for the sacrifices
their families make everyday
so that I can enjoy life freely
without thought of our nation's safety.

Growing up in a military town,
I remember well the families
with one member
so far away
in danger
facing the real possibility
of never coming home.

O God,
I join with your faithful
longing for a day
when our industry will be
in making tools of hospitality and welcome
instead of war and destruction.

Until that day, O God
Be the rear guard for our soldiers.
Be the stronghold
for their families.
Bring them home soon.

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