Friday, November 27, 2015

Try This: Get Specific

Often at Thanksgiving when I make my list of the things I am thankful for, it becomes a list of general statements... family, friends, health, etc... and that's a good list.

But what would it be like to get specific? What about this year making a list that names names, that spells it out, that really says for whom and for what I am thankful?

I challenge you this year to get specific in our gratitude.
For whom are you grateful this year?
What relationships do you give thanks to God for?
List them by name:

What life opportunities are you grateful for?
List them by name with details:

What realities of your health are you grateful for?
List the details here:

What else do you need to say, "Thank you" for?
Get specific and list them here:

Now read those lists.
Pray through those lists.
Lift each one up to God.
Get specific with God.

God knows each hair on your head,
it's about time you got to know
each blessing God's given you.

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