Thursday, August 25, 2016

Make Worship Central to Life

Luke 2:41-42
 Now every year his parents went to Jerusalem for the festival of the Passover.  And when he was twelve years old, they went up as usual for the festival.

your parents were
a key influence in your life
just like they are for every youth.

I am grateful for
their witness to you
of the importance of regular worship.

In addition to their weekly particpation
in synagogue worship,
every year they made
the pilgrimage to Jerusalem;
it was a major undertaking,
but it was central to their faith,
and they made sure you were part of it.

would that parents today
did the same for their children.
Regularly worshiping together as a family.
Making the effort to drive down the street.
Worshiping God, young and old together,
Centering our lives on You.

Thank you, God,
for families who make that commitment.
Help us all make regular worship
central to our lives.

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