Monday, August 8, 2016

Praying for Back to School

it's back to school time
in my community.
So today I pray

  • for parents getting supplies, investing money, and hoping for the best this year,
  • for those who cannot afford the supplies, the uniforms, the tools that will boost learning and worry about their children,
  • for teachers getting classrooms ready, looking over the list of student, hopeful and yet knowing there will be a trouble maker,
  • for administrators getting ready, reviewing policies, making new hires, planning bus routes, worrying over budgets,
  • for coaches practicing with students, drilling fundamentals, encouraging, pushing, challenging, wondering if this will be the year,
  • for students anxious about friendships, will the teacher like me, will I be accepted, worried about tests and pressures,
  • for new students who are changing schools, new to the area, no friends yet, wondering how it will all go, scared,
you are the God of wisdom
the God of learning,
the Great Teacher,
move your Spirit of teaching and learning
among our schools
that students will find a gracious welcome,
the teachers will lead students into wonder and wisdom,
the administration will lead with courage,
and the community will be improved 
because of the learning that takes place.

Calm all of our hearts
for the start of a good school year!

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