Monday, August 15, 2016

Who do YOU say that I am?

Mark 8:27-38 (from the Spark Story Bible)
Jesus and the disciples were traveling to Caesarea. As they were walking, Jesus asked, "Who do people that I am?" "Hmmm..." his friends thought. "some people think you are your cousin John or the prophet Elijah!"
Jesus nodded. "Who do YOU think I am?" Peter could hardly wait to answer. "You're the one God sent to save the world!"
Peter was right! Jesus began to talk about how he would die and come alive again. Suddenly Peter became very angry. "That's not how it's supposed to happen!" Peter argued. Jesus knew better and said, "Stop thinking about your own plan. This is God's plan!"
A crowd of people gathered around Jesus. "If you want to follow me," Jesus said, "think about God's plan, not your own ideas."

this is an amazing story.
A reminder of the bold faith of Peter!
and yet how little we understand your ways!

Last night in the car 
my son read this exact story 
from his story Bible.
Then he read 
the sharing prompt below the story:
"Find a partner.
Take turns telling
one thing about Jesus
until you run out of ideas."
As we rode in the car,
we took turns sharing
one thing about who you are!
It was so amazing 
the things he shared.
For 15 minutes, 
back and forth we went.
So simple
and yet so amazing.

Thank you, Jesus, 
for all you are,
all you mean to us,
all you do for us.

make my faith 
as bold as Peter's!
and help me share 
my faith with others.

I challenge you to do the same:
Find a partner.
Take turns telling
one thing about Jesus
until you run out of ideas.

The above story and prompt quoted from The Spark Story Bible. It is my new favorite story Bible for children! It is especially good when read together. Do not miss the questions or activity prompts. Great conversations with children about Christian faith will follow!

Thanks to my friend Rev. Caroline Dennis for pointing me toward this amazing resource!

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