Monday, August 1, 2016

Turn off the light

You know my son's love of poetry.
Recently he read this poem to me.
In light of the recent division and conflict
in my world, today this poem is my prayer:

"No Difference" by Shel Silverstein
Small as a peanut,
Big as a giant,
We're all the same size
When we turn off the light. 
Rich as a sultan,
Poor as a mite,
We're all worth the same
When we turn off the light. 
Red, black, or orange,
Yellow or white,
We all look the same
When we turn off the light. 
So maybe the way
To make everything right
Is for God to reach out
And turn off the light!

Come, Lord, Jesus
help us make everything right.

"No Difference" by Shel Silverstein from Where the Sidewalk Ends

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